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We're on a journey to create Safer Travel Around Neighbourhoods and improve the roads we live in. You report the problems, Stan drives the change.

Hitting the road with the RAC.

We are proud to be the RAC’s official pothole reporting partner.

Hole-y Moly!

Asphalt Abysses, Road Craters, Tarmac Traps. Whatever you want to call them, potholes are popping up everywhere. Quickly report a road defect with Stan and we will do everything we can to help get this fixed!

Power to the People

With Stan, every pothole you spot and report adds to a bigger voice. We're pooling all your reports to show road bosses just how much needs fixing. Together, we're a louder, stronger force for sorting out our roads.

The Roadmap to Better Journeys

Track your contribution! Every report you make pops up on our interactive map, letting you and others track the progress in real-time. It's a great way to see how your help can create safer roads in your community.

Stan The Map

A live health score of Britain’s roads. Reported by the community of Stans.
Zoom into the map to see road conditions where you live.

Are you a Local Authority or a member of a Highways Team?

We're eager to collaborate with you! Our goal is to help you swiftly identify and repair potholes on your streets, enhancing road safety and community satisfaction. Let's connect today and make a difference together!

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How to use Drive Mode

Take Stan on the road and auto-detect poor road conditions.

How to use Photo Mode

Report road defects whilst you're out and about.

Safer Travel Around Neighbourhoods

Community collaboration is a powerful tool to fix potholes. By working together, residents, businesses, and governments can make a real difference in the safety and quality of their roads.

Don’t worry if you travel on the same route everyday such as when you’re commuting to work. This is useful as it helps improve the accuracy of Stan; even driving roads with no defects is helpful.

See Stan in Action.

Stan the App utilises cutting-edge computer vision technology to identify road defects, such as potholes with remarkable accuracy. Your contributions, along with those of other users, help to build a comprehensive database of road defects, enabling the prioritisation of repairs effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stan and how does it work?

Stan is a free mobile application designed to empower users to report road defects, such as potholes, to local authorities. By using your smartphone, you can easily report a problem and Stan takes your issues to the relevant road owner.

After downloading the app, you can report a road defect by taking a photo or video with your smartphone. The app uses computer vision to identify the defect and its location. We then try to engage the local authority to fix the issue.

Which areas does Stan cover?

Currently, Stan is operational across the United Kingdom. We are constantly working to expand our coverage and new countries will be added regularly, so stay tuned for updates on new locations.

How does Stan engage with local authorities and road owners?

We actively reach out to local councils through emails and formal communications. By presenting them with detailed information about the number and severity of reported defects, Stan makes a compelling case for the urgency of road repairs and maintenance.

Can I see the status of my report?

No, currently it is not possible to track the status of your report in the Stan app. This limitation is due to the varied reporting and tracking systems used by different councils. Each local authority has its own process for handling road defect reports, and as such, we cannot guarantee a unified tracking mechanism across all regions. We understand the importance of seeing the impact of your reports and are continually exploring ways to improve this aspect of our service. For now, we encourage users to follow up with their local councils for updates on specific reports.

How is the Road Health Score formulated?

The Road Health Score in the Stan app is calculated using a proprietary formula. This formula considers the number and severity of road defects, traffic volume, and road types. It's based on Department for Transport guidelines and consultations with the RAC. While the score aims to provide a good understanding of a road's condition, it's important to note that road conditions are ever changing and the score will update according to the latest data.

What types of road defects can I report?

You can report a variety of road defects, including potholes, cracks, surface erosion, and more. Any issue that affects road safety and quality can be reported through Stan.

Is my personal information protected when using Stan?

Absolutely. We prioritize user privacy and security. Your personal information is protected according to our privacy policy, and only relevant report data is shared with authorities.

Get on the saddle safely with Stan.

Stan is committed to enhancing road safety for cyclists, recognizing their increased risk due to poor road conditions. A survey for 2022 National Pothole Day revealed that 21% of UK cyclists had accidents caused by potholes, with 22% suffering personal injuries.

To combat this, Stan aims to work with cycling groups, providing them with data on safe cycle routes to help reduce these risks and create a safer cycling environment.

If you're part of a cycling group or interested in collaborating, please contact us to discuss how we can work together towards safer roads.

Drive the change you want to see.

Not enough is being done to improve our roads and neighbourhoods. Under-investment in infrastructure has led to a backlog of maintenance, and road taxes have risen while road quality has declined. That’s why we have created Stan. With Stan, we're empowering the public to become catalysts for change.

See how easy it is to be A Citizen Surveyor.

Tarmac Tales

Meet Tam One of Our Super Stans

Meet Tam, one of our Super Stans! Read on to find out all about Tam and his experience with Stan, potholes and dealing with the local authorities! ‍

From Pothole Avoidance to Expert Instruction: Stan Empowers Driving Instructors

Keep your students safe & confident on roads. Stan app revolutionises driving lessons, saving time & hassle. Read more to find out how!

West Sussex Report: Citizen Power Paves the Way

Stan The App have conducted dedicated drives in some of the counties busiest towns, with particular focus on Worthing, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Brighton and Horsham.

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Scottie says...

Stan is really easy to use and interesting to see how many datapoints are collected. Gradually using the app more I  noticed that it works better in dry weather conditions to get the best quality data!

Mr Pothole says...

I am pleased to see the introduction of AI technology in the battle against Britain’s pothole problem. We must collectively work towards creating safer roads for our local communities.

TD says...

Lets hope this app wakes up the councils plus highways agencies and we start to see our dangerous roads covered in potholes repaired and not damaging our vehicles.

Emily says...

The app is easy to use and I can even take pictures of potholes as well as using drive mode.

Luke says...

I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to help make their community a better place.

Germaine says...

It's so easy to use - just open the app and mount your phone in the car. The app will automatically detect any potholes!

Pothole Crisis

It is important to remember that potholes are not just a nuisance. They can cause serious damage to vehicles and can lead to accidents.

• Between 2022 and 2023, 1.4 million potholes were filled in England and Wales – down from 1.7 million the year before.

• From January to March 2023, the total number of pothole related breakdowns (excluding punctures) was 10,067. Up 39% from the year before.

With Stan we can help our councils and highways teams locate problems and get them fixed as soon as possible!

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