Meet Tam One of Our Super Stans

Meet Tam, one of our Super Stans! Read on to find out all about Tam and his experience with Stan, potholes and dealing with the local authorities! 

So, Tam tell us about yourself! 

I live in a village called Neilston which is south of Glasgow in East Renfrewshire. I have been riding motorcycles since 1989 and driving cars since 1991. 

Since you’ve started driving what’s your opinion on the state of the roads have they decreased or increased in quality? 

The roads in and around Glasgow have progressively got worse over this time. But there has been a definite decline in the last 10 years, especially in Glasgow along with their response, or lack of, to the situation. Even the standard of repairs is abysmal, though using the word repair is an injustice it’s more like bodge it and scarper. The money is wasted on these inadequate patch fillings or repairs where it would be better to do a full repair that would last a lot longer. It isn’t just the likes of Glasgow though, the famous North Coast 500 and other tourist routes that attract many visitors to Scotland. They are now suffering from the lack of proper inspections and maintenance as well as minimal long lasting repairs. Utility companies also need to play their part as a lot of these defects are due to them. 

Have you ever received any vehicle damage from a pothole? 

Over the past 3-4 years I’ve had to replace 5 tyres one was only on the car for a month. The potholes have also damaged the finish on the alloys therefore requiring a refurbishment. On the motorcycle, I have had the front suspension seals blown out due to a pothole mid bend. 

How you have found your experience with Stan and why do you like using Stan?

I like how Stan has a very passive way of recording the condition of the roads. It really needs to be embraced by local authorities, though I understand many won’t as this could mean they are aware of the defect. Therefore, they can’t avoid the claim because of Section 58 Highways Act for England and similar for Scotland. I’m currently trying to figure out how to mount my phone so I can use Stan the App whilst commuting or travelling on my motorcycle. 

Have you had any interactions with councillors and are they helping to fight the pothole problem? 

I’ve tried tagging them in some posts on X (formerly Twitter) but generally, they get ignored maybe I need to do this more often! @Mrpotholeuk on X and a few others are helpful for reposting and getting some extra notice. One of my biggest bug bares is the lack of accountability from local authorities and councillors. There really ought to be an easy one-stop point where you can report potholes and road defects, as well as easily see if potholes or defects have been reported. Even provide feedback from the LA’s on the status of any reports. Like Stan, it’s a great tool but the LAs need to be on board.

We would like to thank Tam for being one of our Super Stans as well as helping to map out Glasgow and the surrounding areas along with our other Stans. If you think you're a 'Super Stan' get in touch we would love to hear all about you!

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Meet Tam One of Our Super Stans

Meet Tam, one of our Super Stans! Read on to find out all about Tam and his experience with Stan, potholes and dealing with the local authorities! ‍

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