From Pothole Avoidance to Expert Instruction: Stan Empowers Driving Instructors

As a driving instructor, you're dedicated to keeping your students safe and teaching them the skills they need to be confident on the road. But let's be honest, those unexpected bumps and thuds can be nerve-wracking for everyone involved.  And who wants to deal with the hassle of car repairs and cancelled lessons because of a rogue pothole?

A driving instructor in Glasgow recently started offering pothole-avoidance lessons. This innovative approach highlights the very real dangers that potholes pose to drivers, and Stan is the perfect tool to help you do your part to keep your students safe.

Here's how Stan can revolutionise your driving lessons:

  • Say goodbye to pothole surprises: Stan's live road health score gives you a heads up on rough roads in your area, allowing you to plan routes that avoid those dreaded potholes altogether.
  • Teach students pothole awareness: Use Stan's data to identify treacherous roads that can be used as a teaching tool to help your students develop the skills they need to navigate around potholes safely. This is especially important for new drivers who are still learning the ropes.
  • Save time and hassle: Stan takes the chore out of pothole reporting. By using ‘Drive Mode’, Stan automatically detects and reports on road conditions, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what you do best – teaching your students to drive!

Countless driving instructors and motorists across the UK are already using Stan to make our roads safer. Don't let potholes put a brake on your driving lessons, download the app today available on Android and iOS, join the movement!  Together, we can create a pothole-free Britain, one reported pothole at a time.

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From Pothole Avoidance to Expert Instruction: Stan Empowers Driving Instructors

Keep your students safe & confident on roads. Stan app revolutionises driving lessons, saving time & hassle. Read more to find out how!

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