A Landscape of Tarmac Torture. Who’s to Blame?

Potholes aren't just annoying; they're costly and dangerous. They can:

Damage vehicles: Hitting a pothole at speed can cause punctures, bent rims, and even suspension damage, leading to expensive repairs.

Increase accidents: Swerving to avoid potholes can lead to collisions, especially for cyclists and motorcyclists.

Hinder economic activity: Poor road conditions can slow down deliveries and disrupt supply chains, impacting businesses and the economy.

Fighting Back:

The government has pledged increased funding for road repairs. From 2020 to 2025, the government has pledged to invest £5 billion into road and highway maintenance. Additionally, some councils are trialling innovative repair methods and materials, like cold asphalt that can be applied in any weather.

But what's causing this epidemic of asphalt acne?

The usual suspects are a potent cocktail of:

Ageing infrastructure: Much of the UK's road network dates back to the Victorian era, and let's just say they weren't exactly planning for the onslaught of today's traffic.

Freeze-thaw cycles: Our love-hate relationship with the British weather plays a starring role. The constant freeze-thaw cycles weaken the road surface, creating cracks that eventually evolve into crater-like monstrosities.

Heavy traffic: More cars and lorries mean more wear and tear, putting our already fragile roads under immense pressure.

The result? A landscape of tarmac torture, where every journey feels like a game of dodge-the-abyss.  But fear not, weary traveller! There are glimmers of hope in the pothole-ridden horizon.

This is where Stan, a revolutionary new app, steps in to empower citizens to take charge of their roads.

Stan is more than just a pothole-reporting app; it's a citizen-powered movement for better roads. With its user-friendly interface, anyone can report a road defect in seconds. Simply mount your phone in your car, hit go on drive mode, and let Stan's cutting-edge computer vision technology do the rest. The app automatically identifies the type of road defect, its location, and even its severity.

So, the next time you encounter a pothole that threatens to throw your day off course, remember Stan. Download the app, report the issue, and be part of the solution. Together, we can pave the way for smoother, safer roads for everyone.

Download on Android or iOS.

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